Hudson started a new school in the fall of 2019 as a 2nd grade. We had previously thought that he was just late at learning how to read and that he just needed additional help. We knew he was smart but also started to notice that certain homework tasks were incredibly difficult for him and would result in hours of work through tears and frustration.

After consultation and testing at his school, it was advised to us to have his vision tested at Hellerstein and Brenner. This process opened our eyes to the needs that Hudson had and the deficit he had been dealing with at school with his vision.

We started vision therapy with Mrs. Cindy Shephard in June of 2020 and were amazed at the progress and improvement we saw in a short period of time. Not only did Hudson come into his own and gain confidence, but we saw significant improvement in his social and behavioral interactions at home and school, as we all as increase in academic scores and grades. His teachers at school marvel that they been his confidence improve in reading aloud in class, doing work at the board in front of peers, interacting in the classroom setting, as well as improvement on classwork, testing, reading comprehension, and processing.

The vision therapy progress summary includes excellent improvement in the areas of Beery Visual Motor Integration, Visual Perception, Memory, Form Constancy, Getman, Worman Handwriting, L/R Awareness, Developmental Eye Movement, and Visigraph.

To say that we were in awe of the incredible improvement in these areas and in the period of time we saw improvement is an understatement. Our time in vision therapy and with Cindy Shephard has made a lasting impression in our lives and we are forever thankful for her hard work, dedication, and faith that Hudson could improve.

I can wholeheartedly say that vision therapy has changed our life. We are thankful.


– Hudson’s Success Story written by his Mother