Joey had 3 eye muscle surgeries for esotropia (crossed-eyes), patching for amblyopia (lazy eye) and wore bifocal glasses for farsightedness.  His ophthalmologist told his parents that his eyes were “fairly” straight and that Joey didn’t need any more vision treatment.

Joey’s teacher referred him for vision therapy due to his struggles with reading and writing.  Joey had additional vision processing and motor skills that were also interfering in his overall performance.

After 6 months of vision therapy, Joey was now loving school, reading above grade level and participating fully.  Note the pre- and post- vision therapy handwriting samples.

Joey proudly proclaimed on his vision therapy graduation date that, “My writer was crammed in me and squished.  Now it’s gotten much bigger and I can write better.”

Pre-Vision Therapy

Pre Vision Therapy

Post-Vision Therapy

Post Vision Therapy